Welcome to Walnut Elementary School!

Our purpose is to ensure a quality education with high levels of learning- every student, every day!

We serve the southeast side of Rock Springs with a K-3 building full of dedicated staff members who work to grow students every day.

We are thrilled you stoped by to check out our website, and we hope you find the information you need. 

Please contact the office at 307-352-3225 if you need further assistance!

Playground Update (as of 10/31/2022)

Students may come home and share that TWO semis were at the school today (an extra Halloween treat!) and our new playground equipment was delivered! Here is what we know:

The HOPE is that a crew will be here early in the week of Nov. 7th to start working on this process. 

If all goes well with work crews, weather, and removal/installation, we will return from Thanksgiving Break to a brand new playground!

We will be working around this for recesses for the 8 school days we are slightly displaced😁

We can't WAIT for our new fun!

Thanksgiving Break Update

This year, the SCSD#1 school calendar has our Thanksgiving Breaking going from Monday Nov. 21st, through Friday Nov. 25th. 

We hope our families enjoy the week!

2022-2023 Kinder Supplies

1 box Crayola 16 count regular size crayons


8 dry erase markers (Expo brand, black, thin)

(Please purchase these early, as most stores run out)

Girls – 1 box Ziploc quart size bags

Boys – 1 box Ziploc gallon size bags

Headphones (optional)

Pencil box

(Please do not mark all supplies with child’s name)

2022-2023 1st Grade Supplies

2 boxes Crayola 24 count crayons

1 pencil box (8x5) (box style), no zippers

1 pair Fiskar scissors for kids

4 large dry erase Expo markers chisel point, Black only

4 small dry erase Expo markers fine-tip, Black only

2 stylus for iPad

Headphones (please no earbuds)


Girls – 1 box of gallon and quart baggies

Boys – 1 box of sandwich and snack baggies

(Please do not mark all supplies with child’s name)

2022-2023 2nd Grade Supplies

2 boxes of 24 count crayons

2 boxes of 24 count colored pencils

1 pair scissors (blunt tip)


Plastic pencil box (no bigger than 6x9)

Girls – 1 box quart size Ziplock bags

Boys – 1 box sandwich size Ziplock bags

Headphones (please no earbuds)

2 packages fine point Expo Markers, Black only

Backpack (no drawstring)

(Please do not mark all supplies with child’s name)

2022-2023 3rd Grade Supplies

1 box of colored pencils

Pencil box

8 Expo dry thin erase markers, Black only

2 wide ruled composition notebook


Headphones (please no earbuds)

(Please mark all personal supplies with the child’s name)

The elementary handbook is now available here, on our website!

Elementary Handbook is now available here:

Elem farson and intown BK 2021-2022 Handbooks.pdf