Interventions and Enrichments

Walnut Intervention Programs 2018-2019


    Walnut Elementary routinely screens students to determine if they are making adequate academic/behavioral progress. Students struggling are referred for interventions based upon their personal need. These interventions may include:


Reading Mastery – is a core replacement program for the most struggling reading students. It is taught to small groups of students in place of the core reading program for 90 minutes. Reading Mastery is considered a Tier 3 intervention.


Fastt Math – is a computer based math intervention program that is designed to improve fluency in math computation. Select students in third and fourth grade are participating in Fastt Math. Fastt Math is considered a Tier 2 intervention.


Supported Math Instruction – All students receive a double dose of math instruction. Students are placed into groups identified by specific skills that students need additional support to master. 


Corrective Thinking – Students who receive 3 or more disciplinary referrals and/or have a major disciplinary incident are placed in a Corrective Thinking group. This group provides instruction on responsible thinking patterns. Corrective Thinking is a Tier 3 intervention.


Check and Connect – is an intervention to support students who have poor attendance and/or poor work habits. The intervention is designed to promote the student’s engagement with the school. The goal is to help our students attend regularly, actively participate, and set a path toward graduation. Check and Connect is a Tier 3 intervention.

Squirrel Support - Students who need a behavior support program will participate in Squirrel Support before and after school daily. The students meet with a teacher at the beginning of the day to set their day up in a positive manner and reflect on the day with a teacher at the end of the day.


Reteach – is an opportunity for individual re-teaching of class and building wide expectations. Reteach is considered a Tier 3 intervention.