School Schedule



*School Begins at 8:10 Monday through Thursday

*School Ends at 3:00 Monday through Thursday

*Students may be dropped off at 7:50 and should be picked up by 3:00

(There is not supervision prior to 7:50, guardians of students who arrive prior to this will be contacted to see what other arrangements can be made, in order to maintain student safety) 

*At Walnut Elementary, dismissal is staggered to support a safe opportunity for our student who walk (either walking all the way home or walking to meet their grown up) and to reduce the potential for vehicle-pedestrian and vehicle-vehicle accidents.

*We also provide a more secure option that reduces exposure to the elements where grown-ups may pick students up in their vehicle in the South parking lot. This system includes an assigned  number to the vehicle that is not shared out by the school to anyone other than the legal guardians.